Best Performance in its Class

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GeoDrone® is Finnish designed and manufactured high-end
Professional Aerial Mapping System.

GeoDrone® systems are always supplied as a complete package. The package includes the aircraft, camera, radio control unit, batteries, charger, aluminium transport case and flight planning tool.


Cost effective

GeoDrone® is a compact solution and cost-effective way to operate quickly and easily.

Enclosed frame

Closed frame protect the equipment from rain and dust, and to prevent dangling wires from risking flight operations.


Carbon fiber construction allows for rigid body. The weight of the frame is less than 500 g.

Physical characteristics

  • Take off weight only 4kg
  • Width: 58 cm X 58 cm
  • Height: 37 cm
  • Super bright LEDs
  • Flight planning software for windows
  • Camera options: normal RGB, NDVI or thermal IR camera

Flight performance

  • Flight time :  up to 66 min
  • Min operating temperature: -10 °C
  • Max operating wind : 8/12 m/s
  • 24 Mpx  high-resolution camera
  • Map ground resolution: 3 cm/pixel (150m)
  • Area coverage (single flight): up to 90 hectares

Flight Times with different payloads