a higher yield, lower costs.

GeoDrone® provides a quick and easy solution to visualize, measure and model a wide variety of situations.

In the future, mapping and measuring is done more and more by agile unmanned aircrafts. VideoDrone® has responded to this demand and offers a high-performance aerial mapping system. GeoDrone® X4L is a top class professional aerial mapping system, that stands out from other aerial mapping systems due to its superior design. GeoDrone® has a long flight time, stable flight features and produces accurate high quality images.

GeoDrone® weighs less than five kilos. Up to 38 minutes of flight time, outperforming other helicopters of the size class. Up to 50 hectares mapped and measured in one flight session. System produces high quality imaging, with ground resolution of 3.5 cm from 150 meters altitude.

GeoDrone® X4L offers a comprehensive range of data and camera options for different purposes. Standard 24-megapixel high-resolution camera gives enough details for most needs. There is also a false colour camera, (for example to Precision Agriculture applications), as well as a thermal camera. A 2 axis oblique gimbal is also available.

Developed to meet the needs of land use planning & construction. GeoDrone® orthomosaic can produce accurate 3D point cloud data and digital elevation models for precision surveying.  It also allows the rapid determination of volumes.

Other use cases are for traditional aerial photos, in accident investigation or rescue operations. GeoDrone® gives you a quick and easy solution to visualize and model a wide variety of situations.

Developed and manufactured by VideoDrone Finland Oy.

Aerial Mapping examples.